School Administrators

Be the future of education.

The challenge for every educational leader is how to support teachers and staff in new directions that best impact learning. ESI can help you meet that challenge.

Online Weblessons

Bring the best of the web to your students!

Our online lessons combine the best of the web with a critical thinking structure to allow you to bring your students the best learning the web can provide.

Learners Online

Give your teachers the best resources on the web!

You will love our online education resources and customized online learning lessons designed by teachers for teachers, homeschool groups, parents, and educators.

Blended Learning

Empower your teachers!

When students are in an effective and efficient blended learning classroom, they are more engaged in their learning, have more control of their learning and have more control about how they allocate the time they need to learn different content. Students become partners with their teachers in their learning.

Let us help you implement blended learning in your school


Professional Development Workshops

Get your teachers ready for the future of education!

Our professional development workshops will prepare your staff to bring the newest, most innovative solutions to your school.