Professional Workshops

Get ready for the future of education.

Professional development is essential for teachers to keep up-to-date and develop new ideas for improving their teaching.

From Using Blended Learning to Implement the Common Core to Using Field Trips to Fulfill Your Educational Mandate, our professional development workshops will prepare you to bring the newest, most innovative solutions to your classroom. All of our workshops can be done entirely online and will get you professional development credits.

You can sign up for our current offerings or we can develop a Customized Professional Development Plan for you. Customized plans include

  • A needs assessment,
  • Customized professional development workshops,
  • An ongoing teacher network where teachers can collaborate with one another while also learning new skills that will better impact student learning,
  • Leadership training for both administrators and teachers to ensure long-term sustainability of your program.
Introduction: Getting the most out of your field trip
Topic 1: Preparing for your Field Trip
    Subtopic 1.1: Academic Preparation
    Subtopic 1.2: Field Trip Orientation
Topic 2: The Field Trip Itself
    Subtopic 2.1: The Learning Activity
    Subtopic 2.2: Engaging Your Chaperones as Proxy-Teachers
Topic 3: After the Field Trip
Topic 4: Now You Try It
Conclusion: Additional Resources