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Our flagship product, WebLessons is the most advanced web-based learning system of its kind. With WebLessons, students engage in self-directed learning explorations tied to a wealth of Web-based educational resources.

WebLessons is an easy-to-use learning management system that transforms the chaos of the Internet into a safe, structured learning environment for you and your students. Instead of a normal browser Window, WebLessons gives students an organized, step-by-step learning path complete with instructions, study questions, vocabulary, quizzes, and inquiry-based projects. Students stay on track and stay on task with engaging sites and relevant subject information. They can even turn in their work online.

On the teacher side of things, WebLessons lets teachers plan a complete web curriculum, assign topics, and track student progress. Each lesson includes a comprehensive Instructor’s Guide with additional Web resources and ideas for extension activities, document based questions (DBQs), and whole-class learning. Best of all, there’s nothing to configure, nothing to install. All you need is a current Web browser and plenty of curious young minds.

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