Learning Inside Out

A Nature Explorer's Adventure

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You’ll love the blended approach of our newest WebLesson series, with just the right balance of indoor and outdoor learning. Nature explorers start with guided online WebLessons and then apply what they learned through a variety of fun outdoor activities.

  • A best-of-the-web, guided online lesson
  • An exciting outdoor activity
  • A critical thinking project
  • Additional hands-on ideas
  • Cross-curricular extensions

And don’t miss the complete instructor’s guide, with suggested uses, extension activities, and answers to the questions.

Try these sample units.

From the Ground Up (Backyard Biology)

  • Get Your Hands Dirty (Dirt)
  • Wet and Wild (Water)
  • No Bones About It (Invertebrates):
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  • Being Green (Plants)
  • Up (Birds)
  • We’re All In This Together (Interdependence)
Survivor’s Guide to the Natural World (Adaptations)

  • Getting the Right Fit (Structural Adaptations)
  • Acting Out (Behavioral Adaptations)
  • The Animal’s Habitat Survival Guide (Animal Adaptations)
  • The Plant’s Habitat Survival Guide (Plant Adaptations):
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All Over the World (Biomes)

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