Learn Outside!

Our best-of-the-web lessons come together with exciting outdoor activities to make an unbeatable combination!

The Best of the Web

Our WebLessons give your students the best learning the web can provide.

A Be Ce Lee!

ABeCeLee will have your kindergartner reading in Spanish by the end of the year! This program is designed for Spanish speakers to learn to read in Spanish.

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Learning Inside Out

Get your kids learning outside!

Your kids will love this combination of a best-of-the-web lesson, critical thinking, and outdoor activities!

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Topical Facts Pages

Be the go-to website for information.

Our multi-level, interactive fact sheets are a great way to draw students and teachers to your website.

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Online WebLessons

The best of the web.

Our online lessons combine the best of the web with a critical thinking structure to bring your students the best learning the web can provide.           Learn more…


Games & Activities

Won’t you play with us?

Our interactive, educational, and customizable games are a great way to draw kids to your website.

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Professional Workshops

Get ready for the future of education.

Our professional development workshops will prepare you to bring the newest, most innovative solutions to your classroom.

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Educational Websites

Be the place where teachers and students come to learn.

Let us build you a specialty site to bring students and teachers to your website.

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Blended Learning

Expand your classroom to encompass the whole world.

Let us help you implement a blended learning program in your school.

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Custom Solutions

Let us build you something special.

Bring your research alive with a custom built interactive experience.

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About E-Learning Systems

eLearning Systems International is a global leader in the advancement and development of online learning solutions for all organizations with an educational mandate, be they formal or informal, parent, teachers, or students.

We create systems that maximize the potential of the global network as a platform for managing and delivering highly effective instructional programs at any time, from any location, using only a standard Web browser. This means more effective time in the classroom and more time exploring the world.

Let us help YOU become the new face of education.

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