After-School Program Providers

Expose your students to a new way of learning.

We have long known that much of what is learned in school is lost in the time that students spend out of school. At the same time, we are gaining a better understanding of the positive impact of nature and environmental-based learning on academic achievement and health.

Time spent out of school is a wonderful time for exploring, learning and enjoying outdoor fun. And with the right kind of engagement, this time can also be a time of educational achievement instead of learning loss.

Our online activities and lessons put all the right pieces in place. We have combined best practices for preventing out-of-school learning loss with best practices for teaching online and in nature.

Let us develop a package that meets your needs.

Learning Inside Out

Get your kids learning outside, with our new inside-out lessons!

Your students and their teachers will love this combination of a best-of-the-web online lesson, critical thinking, and outdoor activities!

Online Weblessons

Bring the best of the web to your students!

Our online lessons combine the best of the web with a critical thinking structure to allow you to bring your students the best learning the web can provide.

Learners Online

Learn from the best resources on the web!

You will love our online education resources and customized online learning lessons designed by teachers for teachers, parents, and educators.

Games and Activities

Let your students play and learn.

Bring your students to play our exciting, interactive, and educational games and see their love of learning bloom.